Building Service Culture in Your Organisation

At GPS Consultancy, we design Customer Service training courses for various industries. Our customer service workshops has received positive feedback on practicality and methods of instruction. Service starts from caring for customers. "Caring" has to come from the Heart; the service staff's willingness to provide exceptional service and their commitment to WOW! the customers. It can only happen with successful implementation of service campaigns in an organisation. Only when service staffs internalise this service-oriented mindset, then the service initiatives will be successful.

We understand that customer service training is not just about teaching best practices in service culture. We instill a strong service mindset to the participants. When the words spoken and actions taken by the service staff come from the heart, the entire customer experience will be warm, genuine and sincere. This is the key to a profitable business with a competitive advantage in retaining and growing customers.

The following are the Customer Service Training Courses that we offer:

Service with the Heart

A 1-day high-energy service mindset program aims to cultivate a strong service mindset and gain commitment from the staff to provide excellent service. Through experiential activities, discussions and real-life examples, participants will gain insights on how to improve their service quality and their roles in creating a competitive edge that will set the company apart from its competitors.

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Customer Service Skills Program

2-day customer service skills program that teaches participants service language, body language and how to perform a swift and more than satisfactory service recovery. Participants' confidence in dealing with customers will be heightened through experiential activities and role-plays that are applicable to their work environment. To further customise to the needs of the participants, this programme has various versions. Sales, Retail, F&B, Public Services and Hospitality versions are available.

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Managing Service Culture

A 2-day Customer Service skills program aims to equip supervisors and managers to build and sustain a strong service culture in their teams. At the end of the course, supervisors and managers will learn the skills to delight their internal customers, while at the same time, provide constant service coaching to the service staff.

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Customer Service for Call Centre / Service Helpdesk

Call agents requires a slightly different skill sets in handling queries and technical troubleshooting. Good telephone etiquette, quick response and the ability to give clear and concise instruction are essentials to a successful call centre. Our consultants have been assisting call centres to achieve excellent customer service through onsite and customised training and coaching programmes. With commitment and dedication, our training and coaching will turn your call centre from cost centre to profit generating asset.

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Service Strategies: Creating a Competitive Edge for Business

3-day workshop specially designed for management executives and business owners. Our consultant will provide insights to:

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