It is a fact! Singapore workforce productivity is among the lowest and work hours are increasing. The result has a very worrying phenomenon. Many workers here are spending more hours at work but producing lower output.

Increasing work hour is counter-productive to concentration and work quality. Be Engaged! Workshop wants your team to be proud and committed to their work, cares for the future of the company and put in the extra miles to ensure success of the company.

Learning Objectives:

Why Story Writing?

Our consultants believes that each individual has the innate power to change for better. Through our specially guided and powerful personal story writing session, teams will explore their own negative self-beliefs, strength, emotional and spiritual energy to make a difference at work.

This could possibly be a life-changing experience for your team!

Duration: 2 days + half day (follow-up / celebration session)

Level: All levels

Learning Setting: Classroom / Resort / Outdoor camping

Class Size: 8 - 20

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