Experiential Team Building

Outdoor & Indoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building

Outdoor team building activities are designed to build communication skills, co-operation, trust and leadership. Duration of each activity ranges from 1 hour to 2 hours. Depending on the duration of training hours, we offer a variety of outdoor activities to choose from.

Our outdoor team building activities are challenging and yet suitable for all ages and physical ability. Using experiential learning techniques, participants are free to explore their own solutions to complete their challenges.

Outdoor Activities

Activity Description Learning
Outdoor team building 2
Running away from pandemic virus outbreak, teams have to work together and get to the rescue camp in the shortest possible time. Other than the challenging activities that they may face along the route, they are also faced with the possibliity that some of the team-mates are already infected with the virus. Who can they trust and who will they eliminate? Teams will be put into constant dilemmas. Eliminating the wrong players may japardise the success of the mission.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Communication, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, trust, encouragement, building confidence, collaboration
Snake & LadderOutdoor team building 2 This is a fun tele-match that can be done with small or large groups (up to 500 pax). Teams have to complete as many challenges as possible in order to get a chance to advance to the finishing line. It is a fun outdoor activity that involves lots of team work and some level of luck.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Communication, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, trust, encouragement, building confidence, collaboration
Hungry Hippo ChallengeOutdoor team building 2 Team has to work through challenges and create their mover boards. With the baskets mover boards, they will have to work to collect as many balls as possible whilst preventing the other teams from collecting. Teams that are able to bring back the most balls and secure the balls, win.

Duration: 30 minutes
Communication, resource managing, working together as One team, collaboration
The Great MinefieldOutdoor team building 2 A team of mine specialists are engaged to clear a plot of land for a new urban development. It is a dangerous task and teams have to complete the task in the shortest possible time. This is an activity that highlights the importance of knowledge sharing at work. From the session, participants will understand the importance of developing a need for strong internal partnership to scale greater heights together.

Duration: 45 minutes
Communication, learning from one another, working together as One team, effective partnership
Magical Totem PoleOutdoor Team Building 2 An evil witch has casted a spell on two tribal villages. Both tribes have to attempt various obstacles to reach a 4 metres high totem pole. Teams have to remove rings from totem poles that are three metres in height. This is a medium-element outdoor activity that requires a lot of team effort to complete the task.

Duration: 30 minutes
trust, coordination, encouragement, overcome challenges
Trebuchet ChallengeOutdoor Team Building 3 Team must work together to create a workable trebuchet. Once they have completed, they will have to launch their weapon at targets given to them. The team that successfully hit their target will win the challenge.

Duration: 1 hour
Creativity, planning, managing resources, teamwork
Starlight Express Using cardboards and various resources, teams have to build a train. The goal is to link up all the train cars so that it can move together through a designated track. Teams also have to draw and design their train cars with pictures that depict the values and goals of the organisation. At the end of the session, team will have a fun time riding their train together as a big team.

Duration: 1 hour
Resource management, planning, common goal, team work, communication

We have more than 30 over outdoor team building activities that you can choose from. If you like to know more of the activities that we conduct, please feel free to drop us an email at the Contact Us page.

Indoor Team Building

Our indoor team building activities are designed specially to foster closer cohesion and stronger commitment at work. Experiential activities, discussions and presentations are used for indoor team building activities to build communication and commitment.

Some companies prefer to conducted indoor team building program due to confidentiality on topics discussed. Our trainers are experienced to handle the sessions with sensitivity and lots of encouragement and motivation. Indoor team building activities are ideal for small group using the workshop as a full day team building or a single 45 minutes session as lead-in to work plan meetings.

Below are some of the samples of our outdoor team building activities.

Indoor Activities

Activity Description Learning
Space Station 3000Indoor Team Building 1 In the year 3000, earth has become unliveable and humans are racing for time to build space stations for survival. Teams have to get their space stations built in the shortest possible time. However, as teams are plagued with changes of leadership and design plan, they will have to quickly learn how to adapt and make changes to meet their deadline.

Duration: 45 minutes
Change, trust, communication, leadership
Tallest Building ChallengeIndoor Team Building 3 Teams are to build a building as tall as possible while at the same time be able to hold as many objects as possible. The winning formula is to get the tallest building at the same time the most object in the building. Resource management, planning, customer focus
Puzzles R Us Each team will be given a set of jig-saw puzzle to piece together. However, unknown to them, all their sets are mixed up and they have to really work together as ONE team to complete all 16 puzzles given to them in the shortest possible time. Communication, leadership, defining roles, achieving together as one
Chain ReactionIndoor Team Building 2 In this activity, collaboration, diversity and interdependencies are the names of the game. A larger group is divided into sub-teams and each is given a table and a box of everyday materials (tubes, wood, string, etc.) to create a chain reaction of domino fall. The objective is for each team to work together to ensure that not only does their individual section work, but that it also triggers and works with the teams' contraptions on either side of them, and so on, until a full chain reaction is created. The event culminates in moving an object, e.g. ping pong ball, from table to table, utilizing every section, and through the entire room.

Duration: 1 - 2 hours
Resource management, problem solving, building relationship, collaboration
Counting SheetsIndoor team building - Counting Sheets Teams will be given 30 place-cards in a square area. On each place-card, there will be numbers written in symbols, different languages and mathematics calculations. A representative will be placed in the square area while the other team members remain outside the square to give instructions to the representative to touch the correct place-cards from 1 - 30. If they get the sequence incorrect, teams will have to start all over again. Perception, communication, appreciating diversity of cultures and stress management
Art JammingIndoor team building - Counting Sheets Express the artistic side of your team through Art Jamming and make a huge painting that can hang in the office. Art Jamming allows participants to put their thoughts into painting. Through free association, creativity, imagination, and colours participants will draw their interpretation teamwork, values and ideals into colourful artwork.

No drawing or painting skills are needed. Canvases, paint art materials and tools will be provided for the session. Facilitators will guide the participants during the session how to paint their artworks.

The session can be very therapeutic and relaxing, a break away from the stressful workload and at the same time, it creates bonding among the teams.
creativity, communication, appreciating diversity of cultures, joy of learning

If you like to know more of the activities that we conduct, please feel free to drop us an email at the Contact Us page.