QR Code Race

Amazing Race Team Building with Mobile Technology

QR Code Race is a fun and interactive team building event designed with mobile technology. Teams have to race through various checkpoints, completing as many challenges as possible in the given time. The activities are fun and challenging. Most importantly, your teams will go back understanding the concept of team work and also learn to work with one another better. Moreover, we have customised the activities suitable to all ages.

All you team need is a smart phone with QR Code Reader and Augmented Reality apps installed. Once it is done, your team is ready to go.

Teams have to complete as various activities as possible is a given period of time. They are required to work together as a team, utilising each other's talents and skills to complete the challenge. In this team building, teams will learn to appreciate each other and learn to work with their differences.

Currently our races are conducted at Marina Bay, Changi Village and Sentosa. A cultural version was created for overseas teams to learn more about Singapore. It can be done overseas as well with a cultural learning twist.